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Wide bandwidth BioAmplifier or Peripheral Pulse Amplifier

EKG (ECG). The wide gain range of BioAmplifier allows the high sensitivity amplifier to also be used for less demanding applications such as EKG, which can be measured in virtually any environment. Electrodes are attached to the body in positions such that the heart is inbetween them. They can be placed on the body (see picture which shows convenient placements), alternatively they may be positioned on either wrist. These electrodes are plugged into the white and black sockets on the amplifier. The green socket may be linked to the black socket.. A CL31 lead links does this and may be used in conjunction with EL2 dot snapper leads and EL4 electrodes (standard disposable hospital type dot snapper). Gain will be set to 1mV or 2mV. The SAM unit provides analog output of both EKG signal on pin 5 of the analog socket and a cardiotachometer as analog level on pin 4. T wave suppression improves reliability of heart rate measurement by setting the high pass filter to 10Hz or greater.

Peripheral pulse. The PPA amplifier may be used with the finger clip (PT1) or ear clip (PT2) photoplethysmograph transducers to provide pulse signal on pin 5 of SAM analog socket and heart rate on pin 4.


Convenient EKG chest positions

Above- EL4 disposable electrodes

Left- EL2 electrode leads for EKG

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