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Downloadable Files

Download the latest version of PSYLAB software and manuals. Note: Make a backup of the files on your C:\CPI folder before unzipping the file. Do not overwrite PSYLAB7/8.CFG or SAM1/2.CFG if you want to retain your existing program settings.

Download the manual for PSYLAB7/8 analysis system January 2004.

Download the manual for SAM hardware

Download the manual for SAM1/2 software

Download the latest files for the Sensory Challenge protocol December 2004 .

 Download just the latest SAM2.EXE and PSYLAB8.EXE programs 12 Mar 2008 includes HELP file

Download Video enabled SAM2 software full installation program (15Mb) April 2006. 

Download information about multi-media stimulation