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PSYLAB software general description

February 2004.

PSYLAB software runs on all modern Windows platforms of which currently Windows XP is the most stable. It provides physiology data acquisition; synchronous subject stimulation; and data analysis. It is specifically designed for Psychophysiology, pitched to suit academic users who will appreciate features which, while requiring more effort to understand and configure, allows unrestricted flexibility, without the limitations imposed by a particular set of menu choices found in other software systems, which are easy to use until an option not provided is required.

In addition to comprehensive manuals supplied with the software, CPI provides a uniquely personal service to every customer, advising on and configuring stimulation and data analysis script files to exact requirements; with on-going e-mail support, generally free and without time limit. Latest versions of the programs may be sent out as e-mail attachment and are also available for download on the downloads page of this site.

Raw data recordings are created with the SAM1 data acquisition and stimulus control program. Data are analyzed and reduced off-line with PSYLAB 7, which can also convert raw (binary) data files to ASCII and other formats for export to other programs.

The SAM1 program is simple to use, but provides complex functions. It ‘finds’ all SAM units and associated devices that may be plugged into the host computer via multiple USB connections, and accommodates whichever devices are found. It controls these devices, synchronizes data acquisition in multiple SAM systems and generates stored data files containing synchronous acquired data. At the same time, it can interpret a user script file which organizes complex stimulation patterns, talking to stimulators in SAM hardware allowing timing to fraction of a millisecond accuracy.

Continuous data acquisition is limited only by the ability of the computer to store data; a typical set-up might produce a few megabytes per hour, so modern computers with tens or hundreds of gigabyte disk capacity provides huge storage capacity for these kind of data.

PSYLAB 7 analysis program initially opens and shows the entire recording made with the SAM1 program in a single Review window. Tools are provided to zoom in on sections or divide continuous data into shorter epochs or blocks relative to events. Conversion of volume physiology data into numeric tables that allow comparison of performance in different stages of the experiment (in addition to facility for raw data filtering and export) are provided. All these operations can be automated, such that a complex analysis may be designed as a ‘macro’ script which can subsequently be effortlessly repeated on similar records. The analysis program is capable of working with multiple channels of different types of physiology data simultaneously.

 PSYLAB 7 also provides tools specifically for:

  • Data averaging (as in ERP)
  • Mean, standard deviation, max/min, absolute deviation of any wave-form
  • Removal Heart Rate artefacts
  • Rectification
  • Running average
  • Automatic detection of 'WAVE' shapes such as SC responses or smoothed startle blink.

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