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PSYLAB hardware system overview
PSYLAB software general description

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PSYLAB general

PSYLAB is a PC based system for performing experiments in human Psychophysiology. Hardware and software have evolved from use in laboratories around the world since 1980; software upgrades are supplied free of charge. The current SAM hardware includes measuring and stimulus devices suitable for use where data must comply to relevant conventions required for the purpose of scintific  publication. For example, EMG is designed with reference to Fridlund, Psychophysiology, Volume 16, No 5, 1979; Skin Conductance references to Venables; pain stimulation references to Tursky, etc.

Laboratory apparatus is designed to be used stand-alone, to augment existing equipment, or as a complete integrated set up comprising multiple measures, stimulators, and software for measurement, stimulus presentation, and data analysis. Hardware allows bi-directional communication with devices in the system in addition to A-D conversion. Software provides extreme flexibility in configuring stimulus generation and measurement control. Data analysis features conversion of volume physiology data into numeric tables that allow comparison of performance in different stages of the experiment. Additionally raw data filtering and export are provided. The analysis system allows full automation of  unique software tools allowing any sequence of actions to be performed using 'macro' playback mode.

This internet site is under continuous development. Please e-mail RD@PSYLAB.COM if you notice any irregularities or for further information. Please include some information about your proposed procedures so that we may address your specific requirements. Particular details required to be able to provide accurate advice are:

How many channels of each measure are required?

What stimulus presentation or event marking may be needed?

Is there a large distance between the operator and the subject (is there a separate subject room)?

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